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30 DAY

Steve builds a strong foundation utilizing classical and operant conditioning.  Clear communication between handler and canine is necessary to have an obedient, well adjusted family member for years to come. 

Whether you're just bringing home a new puppy or teaching an old dog new tricks, obedience is something every dog should have.  If you're looking for basic obedience, more advanced skills or help with a specific problem, Pack Leader can help.




Alex Kimber   /   Zia

"We were very impressed with Pack Leader and the great work they did with our two year old Shepherd/Heeler mix.  Steve and Madison were both personal and professional.   We really appreciated that they took the time to show us how to keep working with ur dog when we picked her up." 


Kelly Wesley  /  Jack Sparrow

After looking close to home, I couldn't find the right fit for me and my puppy, Captain Jack Sparrow. So I was really excited to find Steve and Madison in Hope Hull, AL. I knew the first day we met that they were a perfect match for us! Steve's wisdom and exceptional experience in dog training was very evident in his ability to get the best from my little mini golden doodle, even with all of his busy little "puppy energy." And Steve's patience with me in learning how to maintain the things Jack learned in his 4-week stay was great.Steve and Madison complement one another so well. I HIGHLY recommend using them to help you get the best FROM your dog and FOR your dog. They are authentic and are just truly good honest people. Their willingness to support Jack and I in the future is something else that sets them apart. They stand by what they do, which in this day and age isn't always the case. They truly care, and Jack and I will definitely go back in the future to learn more. Until then, it's so much fun to have a puppy back home who has manners and who I can communicate with and then actually see him "get it!"


Shawn Headley / Rusty

I highly recommend Steve and this program. Our 6 mo old Vizsla (Rusty) just recently completed the 30 day board and train. After settling back in his home after 2 weeks, the difference is amazing. Aside from the obedience training with all basic commands (sit, down, stay, heel, etc.) it’s Rusty’s drastic improvement with overall maturity and confidence that’s the most noticeable. He no longer jumps all over “visitors” when meeting new people and is a confident playmate with other dogs. That said, to maximize the program, it’s imperative that you continue to spend the time needed daily with your dog to continue the training techniques that Steve establishes. At the conclusion of the board, Steve thoroughly walks you through this process. Really happy and pleased that we found Pack Leader. Again, I would highly recommend this service.

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