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don't think I can leave my dog for 30 days, can I do a shorter training?

30 days is the minimum time that we offer in our training program.  We have found that 30 is the best amount of time for them to settle in, start to understand what is being asked of them and then get in as many repetitions as possible before heading home.  


What do I need to bring?

When dropping your furry friend off all you need to bring with you is a bag of your dogs food, and proof of their vaccinations.  Thats all!!  If your dog needs heartworm or flea and tick medicine while they are here then please bring that too and we will give it to them when its needed.  


Are vaccines required? 

YES!!!  We are very caution when it comes to animal health, so we do require your dog to be up to date on all vaccines and we ask that you please bring a record of vaccinations so we can have them in our records. 


Will my dog get sick?

Like anywhere that there are groups of dogs, we can not guarantee that your dog will not get sick.  Like humans, many dogs are more contagious before showing any symptoms.  We take every precaution to clean and disinfect on a daily basis.  If we see anything that concerns us we will contact you and/or your vet if you are not available.


Just a few questions that we get asked a lot.  If you have any other questions that we can answer, reach out at anytime and let us help!! 

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