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For a dog first learning obedience, repetition is very important in trying to accomplish a certain behavior.  However, the dog has to be clear on what is being asked of him.  This is achieved through patience, clear markers and consistency.  Only then will you produce optimal results.  

We offer 3 different  board and train programs to help you accomplish this.  We use a method called marker training to help your pet understand how to learn.  All our trainees are hand fed and have to perform a task for a reward, this creates a strong foundation.  The key to success is consistency, after the 30 days are over, we bring you in and teach you everything you need to know to continue your dogs training, and don't worry we are always just a call or visit away to help trouble shoot anything that comes up.  

It's not all work while they are here, your pup will get to socialize with others in our fenced in play area and go on field trips for even more socialization. 

Basic Board & Train $2,000

The Basic Board & Train program is designed specifically for puppies starting at 10 weeks.  During their 30 day stay, you can expect your puppy to start to learn all the basic obedience commands as well as working with crate training and socialization.  With this program, it is very important that you commit to your puppy and continue to work with them after they go home so they can continue to flourish. 

Board & Train $2,500 

Our Board & Train program is great for those dogs over a year old.  This board and train is another 30 day that focuses on the basic obedience commands as well as working through any specific issues that you may be having.  This program includes beginning work with an e-collar, teaching your dog how to understand very low level stimulation for a more obedient partner.   

Advanced Board & Train $3,500

Advanced Board & Train is a 6 week program that includes more advanced e-collar work.  The dog will still go through the basic obedience program but we will spend the extra 2 weeks working more with the e-collar for an even more reliable dog.  This program is suggested for any dogs with behavioral issues or dogs that would like to go on to become support animals.  

*Work with e-collars is not available for any dogs under 6 months of age*

What are the Basic Obedience Commands?

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Kennel or place

  • Leash Manners

  • Heal

  • Recall (Come)

  • Exposure to social situations



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